My first ever WordPress plugin…

I’ve always wondered why, apart from Fluency Admin (not been touched since 2011, and incompatible with WP3.3), there seems to be a distinct lack of WordPress dashboard themes. Whilst there is nothing at all wrong with the dashboard, we all like to customise and tweak our software and websites to suit us and I was surprised there wasn’t a decent plugin to do this. So I made one.

The themes themselves have received some praise and some critique, and as with anything that alters styles, there are going to be some who like the look, and some who don’t. This prompted me to move on from just having a theme plugin, to a theme plugin with the option to change between different themes. At the moment there are now three themes, the second is a colour variation on the first, whilst the third is a crystal-white affair that makes the dashboard appear much cleaner, and less “grey”.

So, the future of the plugin?

I’d like to develop more admin themes, giving users more choice. I will also at some point re-write the plugin so that the themes are per user, so each WordPress user can have a different theme. I would also like the plugin to have a user-submitted library of themes, however this is something far into the future.

I am also planning to contact the author of Fluency Admin to see if they would be willing for me to port Fluency Admin onto the plugin. This way all the fans of Fluency Admin can have the theme back, fully compatible with 3.3. However this depends on their plans and they may well not wish to give away their theme.