Why understanding the moral code of the Victorian era is pivotal to understanding the Titanic tragedy

All too frequently, when I read articles discussing the famous sinking of the Titanic, comments are made regarding the lifeboats. The typical reaction is of shock that Titanic was equipped with so few boats to cope with a potential disaster. However, when we think like this, we are thinking in line with modern morals, rather than the antiquated moral code that ran deep through the Victorian culture of the time.

Whilst not directly relevant to web design, morals are an important part of all design and dramatically affect an end result. It’s therefore vitally important when undertaking design work to take into consideration the moral code followed by your users. This can affect things such as words and phrases used, colours, symbolism etc.

You can read my Critical & Ethical study of the sinking of RMS Titanic here, and understand just how the moral code of the Victorian era played a part.